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Dental Software Tailored to the Needs of Dentists

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diplomat dental software

Establishing a Long-Term Collaboration with a Global Manufacturer

Diplomat Dental, a renowned company with a 60-year tradition in dental industry manufacturing, approached us for collaboration. Their portfolio includes top-quality, ergonomic, and versatile dental units, chairs, stools, and lights, meeting the needs of even the most demanding dentists.


Digitizing the Dental Industry

The client - Diplomat Dental - has addressed us with a request to develop software for dental unit control. The application was meant to replace the original control panel and offer new and innovative functions, unifying the controls for doctors and thus making their everyday work easier.


Software for Dental Unit Control with Patient Preference Storage

We have designed and developed an iPad application with a highly sophisticated software architecture. 

Dentists can use the application to:

  • control the movement of the chair,
  • save the chair's position,
  • adjust all tool parameters (drills, scalers, turbines, etc.),
  • control the light,
  • fill water into the cup,
  • control the movement and rinsing of the spittoon,
  • set foot controller functions,
  • or configure hygiene procedures.


Technicians can use the application to:

  • set the type of the chair set
  • set the number of chair motors
  • set the tools
  • perform firmware updates

Comprehensive Backoffice with a Multitude of Features

We have also developed a very important solution - Backoffice, which is integrated with the client's ERP system. It provides an overview of all distributed sets and enables quick and efficient software updates in all dental sets, for example.

One of the features is FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air). It enables remote and seamless firmware upgrades for Internet-connected devices.


Mobile App Assistant for Service Technicians

We have also developed a simple mobile application that helps technicians fill out a warranty claim for any of their products and send it directly to the manufacturer. The application increases the efficiency of the entire process, speeds up product repairs, and minimizes communication errors.


AR Application as an Useful Business Tool

The client also requested the development of a tool that would directly assist customers in their purchasing decisions. Thanks to this mobile application, a dentist can better visualize how a specific dental set will fit into their clinic and can choose a specific model and color scheme.


Services We Provided

  • Product Specification
  • Prototyping
  • Native Mobile Development
  • AR Development
  • Backend Development
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • SLA Support

Unique Way of Native Development

We examined all the requirements that the software must meet to make the right choice between a cross-platform approach for development and native development. 

We chose the native development for higher quality and better long-term sustainability of the software compared to multi-platform solutions. At the same time, we wanted to minimize duplicate code, which we achieved by creating a shared library for both platforms.

The core of the architecture is a library written in the Rust programming language, which provides high speed, secure memory management, and more flexibility for the future.

The programmed library in Rust manages the entire custom protocol between the dental unit and the application, i.e. it controls their entire communication. In addition, the developed software also communicates with the admin interface and is synchronized with the client’s internal information system (ERP).

We created an application for the client with a high-quality software architecture, through which dentists can not only control a complete dental unit, but also set its micromotors, configure its parameters, set the functions of the foot controller, and save the preferences of individual patients.


Success at Dental Industry Conferences

In 2019, together with Diplomat Dental, we participated in the IDS (International Dental Show) conference as the development company behind this innovative software. The feedback generated by our digital product at the conference was very positive. At that time, no dental chair or dental equipment manufacturer had a similar solution for their control, making it a truly groundbreaking innovation in the dental industry.


Transforming Dentistry with Advanced Software Solutions

We provide dentists with higher work efficiency and greater comfort for their patients. As a result, our client – Diplomat Dental – has become a leading technology innovator in the dental industry.

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Tomas Nerad

Tomas Nerad

CEO at Diplomat Dental

Slovakia Flag

We saw from the beginning of our cooperation that Touch4IT is a very well-organized team of skilled and ambitious people, who know what they are doing. Anything that comes from their side is always planned in detail and managed well. They are always ready to help and give useful advice.

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