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Our innovative digital products (Saas) are always focused on the clients' needs. They are based on our unique ways of thinking and our experience.

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Teemea changes every experience into learning experience

Teemea is an educational platform, where teachers create online courses for students, open classrooms, give students tasks, communicate with them via chat or video and track the students’ activities and progress. It is amazingly simple to use and the content creation is extremely fast and intuitive.

SPPM teaser image

SPPM application for sports team management

SPPM is an innovative software tailored to professional team sports coaches who want to effectively manage their players and achieve the best results. It is a unique solution for managing an entire team and for analyzing and evaluating its performance.

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Autonomous financial assistant Finappie

Finappie is a finance assistant which analyzes your income & expenses and provides a complete overview over your finances. It can monitor your finances and provide a prediction about their future trends.

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Employee mobile app for effective internal communication

How is it possible to ensure that all employees always have important internal announcements? How is it possible to ensure that they have an overview of benefits, events, menu, the traffic situation and current weather? We have a mobile solution.

Digital products revolutionizing the world of innovation

We are innovators with technical knowledge and inventive ideas. We transform these into our own digital products from the sports, finance, education and retail sectors.

We create products with exceptional design and functionality that meet all user requirements and needs. We constantly test products among the target groups and improve them in every aspect.

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